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Physician. Fashion Editor. CEO. Minister. Ambassador. Trial Attorney. Scientist. CIA Operative.

Many of our residents have enjoyed interesting or even outright exotic careers, not only throughout the South, but worldwide. When you meet a new neighbor or friend at The Club or in one of Lenbrook’s dining venues, you’ll never know until you start talking how much you may have in common. Making new connections is one of the great joys of living at Lenbrook: there is so much to learn about our residents’ life choices and opportunities; so much to learn about different industries and parts of the world; and so much to celebrate and reminisce as you get to know each other.

We strongly believe that every individual who lives at Lenbrook has a magnificent story to share, and we are honored to regularly highlight individual stories on the Lenbrook blog. It’s true: when you get to know someone’s story, you also understand a bit better why he or she choose to move to Lenbrook. 

But our blog is not the only place where you can learn more about some of Lenbrook’s fabulous residents. Recently, Hamm Stockton, who has lived at Lenbrook since 2019,  was featured in an in-depth story in the Marietta Daily Journal, focusing on the menswear empire he built in Atlanta right after WWII. In case you missed it, please click here to read more about his incredible journey: