Image for Programs and Events Make Living at Lenbrook a Rich Experience

Kerry Gore, Events Coordinator, is one of the key members of Lenbrook’s Enrichment team. “This is a really fun job,” she said in a recent interview. “When you love what you’re doing, everything falls into place.” Kerry, who had more than 15 years of experience in the food and catering business serving as a Banquet Captain at one of Atlanta’s major downtown hotels, started at Lenbrook in 2014 in Fine Dining. Her events background led her to become Catering Supervisor, and in 2019, she was promoted to Events Coordinator at Lenbrook.

“Lenbrook provides a large variety of programs, activities, and events for the residents. Some focus on health and fitness, such as croquet, water aerobics and yoga, but we also plan quite a bit of entertainment. To lead your best life at Lenbrook, you want to stay physically healthy -AND you also want to be socially and mentally active,” said Kerry.

On average, the Enrichment team coordinates at least four events per month, and most of them are attended by at least 50 and sometimes as many as 175 people. 

“We start planning at least six months in advance, and I am always looking for senior-friendly activities that Lenbrook has not done before,” noted Kerry. Since the start of 2022, Lenbrook has already hosted these special events, all in addition to the regular weekly and monthly gatherings:

  • Valentine’s Day Red Carpet 
  • Mardi Gras Social 
  • St. Patrick’s Day Social
  • Newcomer’s Party 
  • Bourbon Tasting 
  • Croquet Week 
  • Activities Affair 
  • Cinco De Mayo 
  • Mother’s Day Brunch 
  • Casino Night 
  • Father’s Day Brunch


“Casino Night was especially popular. We started advertising it with a big banner at least a month out, and found the perfect company to set it up so that everyone could participate. We are sure to repeat it again – our residents loved it!”

Of course, fun decorations create an extra festive atmosphere, and over the years, Lenbrook has built a major collection. Believe it or not, there are five different storage areas around campus filled with holiday and party décor.

Lenbrook’s Enrichment team has one overarching objective. “Try something new, and make new friends. Stay active and engaged. We are here to help you find many different reasons to get up and get out, and join the fun!”