Lenbrook celebrates Women’s History Month: Mary Gilibert

From 50s Fashion Icon to the Georgia Court of Appeals, Lenbrook Women Make History
Many very accomplished women live at Lenbrook. During Women’s History Month, we will share some of their stories and advice.

Mary Gilibert Knew She Wanted to be a Nurse from a Young Age and Served in the Vietnam War

From the time she was in third grade, Mary Gilibert knew she wanted to be a nurse. So, when she got to high school, she became a candy striper at Joint Base Andrews Hospital. Later, she enrolled in Nursing school just as the Vietnam War was heating up.

“My roommate and I decided to join the Army upon graduation,” Mary said. “It was a privilege and an honor to take care of our brave soldiers. The rice paddies and terrain were littered with land mines and many soldiers lost their lives or legs.”

During her service, Mary worked in Post Op most of the time, stabilizing soldiers who were then evacuated to Japan for further treatment or surgery. In the 1960s, women could not enlist for combat.

“I am most proud of serving my country in the capacity of helping our wonderful young soldiers who sacrificed their limbs and lives to serve their country,” she said. “My advice to young women would be to pursue a career or major they love. I was fortunate in that I knew early on that I wanted to take care of people.”

She also advises girls and young women to take advantage of every opportunity during the school year and summer to volunteer, work, or intern in different occupations or careers to better understand where to focus their interests and studies.

She moved to Lenbrook in 2019. “I think it is the very best Life Plan Community in Atlanta, maybe even Georgia!”