Associates Share Why They Have Loved Working at Lenbrook for 35+ Years

Almost 40 years ago, Aretha Franklin became the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. During that same timeframe of the mid-to late-1980s, five people began their Lenbrook careers. They recently shared why they have loved working at Lenbrook for more than 35 years.

Gwendolyn Dodd joined Lenbrook in 1987. “I began as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and advanced to a Restorative CNA. I love helping patients reach their goals, seeing them return home and live as long as possible and be comfortable. At Lenbrook, my opinion matters and is listened to. I love it!”

Fernando Carmichael also began working at Lenbrook in 1987. Today, he serves as a Maintenance Manager for the community and takes pride in helping residents. “I love working with the residents and elderly. I enjoy what I do and serving others.”

Sandra Childs started in 1987 and now is a full-time CNA. “I like the residents and coworkers and doing things for residents such as fixing their hair and putting on makeup. I like that I can go to my supervisors if I need to talk about anything. I love the whole environment. It’s a nice place to work.”

Eric Duke began working at Lenbrook in 1984, a year after the community opened. He has held a range of roles and is now Event Productions Manager. “I love working at Lenbrook! Lenbrook is an adventure for me with many new faces, stories, and experiences every day. Lenbrook had incredible leaders with vision in the beginning, and leadership is the strongest now. It has had a profound effect on me to have the opportunity to make a difference in a resident’s day as they settled into their new home. I tell anyone who asks me about Lenbrook that this is a most special place. It’s never a dull moment, whether you are a respected resident or a working valued associate.”

Lonette Martin joined Lenbrook two years later in 1986. She works as a Data Technician in the Clinic today. “Some of the residents that are here now I remember their parents that were here. I love working with the residents and listening to their life history.”

In addition, nine associates have worked at Lenbrook for more than 20 years:

Community Services

  • Michael McDaniel, 2002

Dining Services

  • Michael Head, 1993
  • Marie Abraham, 1994
  • Freddie Steepson, 1999
  • Gregory Thomas, 2001
  • Harriett Mitchell, 2003

Health Services

  • Joan Piggott, 1995
  • Nettie Thrash, 2003


  • Jennifer Lovence, 2001
Nettie Thrash, Jennifer Lovence, and Freddie (Lisa) Steepson sitting on the rim of a fountain.

(Pictured: Nettie Thrash, Jennifer Lovence, Freddie (Lisa) Steepson)

“We celebrate these amazing associates’ longtime dedication to Lenbrook,” said Carlos Vazquez, Director, Human Resources. “We are grateful to them for their dedication to making Lenbrook the pinnacle of senior living in Atlanta and a wonderful place to work as well. They, and all our associates, are the reason why Lenbrook earned the coveted Great Place to Work certification earlier this year.”

(Pictured in feature photo: Eric Duke, Lonette Martin, Fernando Carmichael, Sandra Childs, Gwendolyn Dodd)