Baby Doll Therapy Program Benefits Memory Care Residents at Lenbrook

Early this year, Lenbrook welcomed Lynn Brooke and Lenox Brooke to the Memory Care floor. Lynn was born on January 23 and weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces. Lenox was born on February 2 and weighed 8 pounds, 11 ounces. Lynn and Lenox are life-like dolls that are part of a newly implemented doll therapy program initiated by a Lenbrook Associate.

Lindsey Farmer, Enrichment Director, attended the International Council on Aging last year and learned how doll therapy can improve comfort, engagement, and quality of life for people with dementia. Soon afterward, she worked with her team to implement the program at Lenbrook.

“Doll therapy can decrease anxiety and agitation, improve the ability to receive care, and decrease wandering,” she said. “Our residents get a lot of enjoyment from playing with Lynn and Lenox.”

Lenox Brooke and Lynn Brooke

Lenbrook’s Memory Care is known for its positivity, attentiveness, and security. Residents feel supported, capable, and successful through their choice of daily therapeutics and recreational activities such as doll therapy which brings joy and connection.

“There is intentionality with doll therapy, and the Memory Care team works together to figure out how to ask a resident to hold one of the dolls. Residents want to know how long they should care for the baby and whose it is. We pay attention to where a doll is when a resident is finished playing with it,” Farmer said.

The Memory Care team wants to expand the doll therapy program by adding diapering and clothing stations and a crib.

“Having those options in different places on the floor will allow residents who like to move around the opportunity to do so with purpose. The doll program has been good for our residents, and we look forward to expanding it,” Farmer said.