Dining variety is the spice of life. At Lenbrook.

Life at Lenbrook is full of enticing choices and dining is no exception. Residents have several mouth-watering eating options, ranging from completely casual to exceptionally elegant. And residents can use Lenbrook's unique Flex Funds (which are included in their monthly fees) to eat what they want, where they want. They can even use the funds to host parties or treat guests in these delicious, on-site eateries.
Lenbrook dining includes:
  • Tim's Terrace: fresh and alfresco
  • The Brook: laid-back fare, eat-in or grab-and-go
  • The Grill: warm, welcoming, yet upscale
  • The Club: a beautiful breakfast spot, coffee destination and bar
  • A fine dining destination: Elegant, upscale, a true dining experience
  • A private dining room: a totally customizable, private dining experience for groups up to 25
  • Room service and private catering are also available
And like most fine restaurants, you can enjoy your favorite cocktails, wine or beer with your meals.
No matter which option residents choose, they are always treated to a never-ordinary, always-delicious meal. The menus in each dining room are creative, intriguing and diverse. The ingredients are fresh, the best the season has to offer and, when possible, organic and locally grown. Plus, every meal can be customized to fit special tastes or dietary needs: Lenbrook has a professional dietitian on staff.
Orchestrating this outstanding symphony of cuisine, is kitchen maestro, Chef Brian Deason, Lenbrook's very own Executive Chef.  Chef Deason joins Lenbrook from Unidine, an industry leader in providing food and dining services. He is well versed in a variety of cuisines and culinary techniques. He has worked as a General Manager for restaurants across South Carolina and Florida and served as Executive Chef in Denali, Alaska, and at a resort in the Artic Circle. He earned an associate degree in Culinary Arts and a bachelor’s degree in Food and Beverage Operations Management at Johnson & Wales in Charleston.