Dick Colvin

“Never miss an opportunity to teach something or learn something.” This was said by a very wise and accomplished man: retired Doctor and Professor of Radiology, Dick Colvin. But Dr. Colvin didn’t just speak the words, he certainly lived them. And he continues to do so every day at Lenbrook. 

Dick, always an enthusiastic learner, studied French in undergraduate school. But he always knew he wanted to go into medicine. 

He not only embraced the field in the clinic, he totally immersed himself, studying constantly, traveling around the country to hear lectures from leaders of the sciences and participating in numerous professional groups. But Dick Colvin found his true calling and passion when he began to teach. He served on the faculty of Emory for 30 years as a Professor of Radiology. From 1980-1993, he served as Director of the Radiology Residency Training program at Emory. Says Dick, “I really enjoyed working with the residents. Sitting and discussing x-rays and getting their input. They kept me young!”

An accomplished doctor, a revered professor, retirement wasn’t going to be ordinary for Dr. Colvin. That’s why he chose an extraordinary place like Lenbrook to make his home. Dr. Colvin made his decision to move here because he felt it was important to have excellent medical assistance on site, in case he ever needed it. That way, he felt comfortable living alone. 

Since moving to Lenbrook, Dick has been greatly involved. Dr. Colvin served as the chairman for the Lenbrook Building and Grounds committee. As of this writing, he is Immediate Past President of the Residents Association. As President, it was his mission to keep Lenbrook “person-centered.” Decisions should “always start with the resident. Then everything else will fall into place.”

Dick loves the activity of Lenbrook. He likes the fact that at any given time, he can leave his apartment and find warm, welcoming people all around. “It’s a wonderful group. And they are all so very interesting,” claims Dr. Colvin. No doubt they all feel the same about him. 

Who do you consider your hero?

“Dr. H.S. Weens, who was the founding chairman of the Department of Radiology at Emory University. He was a remarkable man and an academic giant. He was responsible for bringing radiology training to the southeast.”

What is your proudest achievement?

“All 30 years that I served on the faculty of Emory University.”

What's your favorite thing about Lenbrook?

“The biggest asset Lenbrook has is its residents. They are a wonderful group of people.”

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