The Lenbrook Difference

You're at a time in your life where you shouldn't compromise. Life should be carefree, easy and secure. Every day you should have a wonderful array of choices about how you spend your time and with whom. That's why Lenbrook may just be the perfect choice for you. Its unique offerings add up to a great overall value and an exceptional lifestyle.

Lenbrook sets itself apart in so many ways:

Atlanta's only Life Plan Community to earn national accreditation by CARF

This hard-earned, nationally recognized measurement of quality in senior living means Lenbrook maintains rigorous standards in more than 1,100 measures of excellence. Lenbrook has held this designation for more than 20 years and the 4th reaccreditation occurred as recently as 2014. National accreditation has been earned by only two Continuing Care Life Plan Communities in the state of Georgia, and Lenbrook is Atlanta's only Continuing Care Life Plan Community to earn this distinction.


Lenbrook has been not-for-profit right from its beginning. That means, unlike many corporate-run communities that have to satisfy shareholders, Lenbrook has always been governed by an independent Board of Directors and a management team who make the satisfaction of residents top priority. Not-for-profits have a strong desire to create a lasting legacy and a rich tradition, and they also keep the organization's mission, vision and values at the heart of the organization. Plus, the not-for-profit model eliminates certain tax obligations—a savings which is passed along to the residents in lower fees.

Your life at its best

When people move to Lenbrook, they may be changing their address but they are also enhancing their lifestyle. Everything becomes easier, interesting and just more fun. That's because Lenbrook provides topnotch services, amenities, and learning and social opportunities. Plus, no other community has so many choices and so much flexibility, keeping residents vital, engaged and enjoying what matters most to them as individuals.

A comprehensive healthcare plan for today and tomorrow

Peace of mind enables Lenbrook residents to experience their best life. Residents can engage in "life at Lenbrook" knowing their health needs are covered with excellence, at every stage and all under one roof. And that is a great way to live. If there's an unexpected change in health, whether it be short-term or long-term, a Lenbrook resident has priority access to the right support services, right on site. Moving to Lenbrook is a decision that answers most of the "what if" questions down the road, and the peace of mind of having this plan is priceless.  The Health Care Center is superbly staffed, fully equipped and offers private suites.

And Lenbrook provides:

  • A Medicare-certified skilled nursing center — In 2013, Lenbrook made the decision to become Medicare certified for three reasons: quality; access; and value. The stringent Medicare standards assure Lenbrook residents receive the highest quality of care, including services in long-term care, memory care and rehabilitation. Additionally, Medicare certification ensures that Lenbrook residents have convenient access to valuable Medicare benefits, right on-site. The certification adds value, as well. Now, in addition to the generous healthcare benefit from the community, residents' qualified healthcare needs are covered by Medicare first, preserving their built-in benefit.
  • Atlanta's most generous Healthcare Benefit — For temporary or unexpected healthcare needs, Lenbrook residents have the benefit of up to 60 days in the Health Care Center each calendar year. This benefit may also provide certain tax advantages directly to residents. Additionally, residents who need to make a move to either assisted living or the health center will receive a 10% discount on their fees.
A welcoming culture

Lenbrook's campus is beautiful, but it's the people who are the community's greatest asset. Both the staff and the residents are warm, engaging and interesting–which creates a wonderful, hospitable ambience. New residents are in awe that the staff know their names upon move in! It's a long-standing Lenbrook phenomenon! The people make Lenbrook one of the most dynamic and friendly places in town.

A gathering of leaders

From the management team, to the staff, to the residents themselves, the people of Lenbrook tend to be leaders who are engaged. It's no surprise there is an active Residents Association with 13 diverse resident-directed committees. And, the people who work at Lenbrook are often nationally recognized for their outstanding performance.

There is an impressive caliber of character in both the residents and staff of Lenbrook. Together they create a unique community and a positive, energized place to live.

Metro Atlanta's campus

Fresh, updated and loaded with amenities, Lenbrook has more social space than any other Atlanta community. From walkable gardens to a stairless, airy floorplan to convenient valet parking and concierge, everything about the beautiful campus is purposefully designed to make an active, engaged lifestyle easy, accessible and enjoyable for the residents. Plus, residents can also connect to anywhere in the world using Lenbrook's Wi-Fi service.

Considering a move? Call today for a private tour of Lenbrook. You'll see it is a one-of-a-kind choice for so many reasons. And it could be the right choice for you. 404-948-6318