Margo & Greg Dexter - Kingsboro at Lenbrook Residents

Margo and Greg Dexter go a long way to talk about how proud they are of their close-knit family…they have two accomplished adult children and four “really amazing” grandchildren. They go to great lengths to describe their wonderful 50-year marriage and how excited they are about what’s coming next. These Kingsboro at Lenbrook residents are engaging, extremely active and positively enjoying their life.

Yet another outstanding thing about Margo and Greg, is the places they’ve been over the past five decades. The Dexter’s truly “go the distance” for travel adventures. As a result, they’ve been all over the world.

“We love to travel, and we’ve traveled pretty extensively,” says Greg. Margo adds, “We’re part of an international travel group that takes really great trips. We’ve been to China, Indonesia, South America…” And the list goes on. Greg remembers India as being the most interesting place the couple has visited. “We were on a really good tour and we were able to really emerge ourselves in the culture. It’s a fascinating country and the people are fascinating. It was wonderful.”

The Dexter’s did a good amount of their impressive traveling when their kids were a little older, although before Greg retired from his own commercial real estate company, he also did plenty of international travel for business. “All in all, I’ve been to over 120 different countries,” reflects Greg. Which adds up to plenty of worldly experience and most likely, a hefty frequent flyer account! Margo was an elementary school teacher before her children arrived. After she left teaching, she continued her love of education by volunteering in the public schools.

These days (when they are not traveling…), the Dexter’s stay busy and fit by playing golf, fly fishing, walking with friends or working out at their loved and frequented Capital City Club in Brookhaven. “Between the two of us, we probably use the club ten times a week,” says Greg. It’s no wonder they are so full of energy.

In one aspect of their life, the Dexter’s won’t have to travel far: They currently live in north Buckhead just a stone’s throw from their future Kingsboro at Lenbrook residence. So, it’s not a surprise they know many of their future neighbors, who also have of homes in the Buckhead/ Brookhaven area. “We know at least four or five couples who plan on moving to Kingsboro. One couple is one of our closest friends,” says Greg. And he means that quite literally! Margo remarks, “They may end up living right above us!”

The Dexter’s are so looking forward to their next chapter. We know they are going to find the Kingsboro at Lenbrook community will be filled with lively, interesting and active people like themselves. Margo and Greg will surely enjoy sharing stories of their many, many travels with established and new friends and neighbors. That is if they are in town…

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