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Life at Lenbrook is the best! My owner Ruth is from Philly and named me Rocky Balboa just like the movie character. I guess she thinks I’m a tough dog too. I came here as a puppy when my owner adopted me and I love it. Every day, I wake up, eat, and then I get to ride in the elevator down to the greatest dog park in the world. After that, I like to come home and sleep in the sun. In nice weather I relax on the terrace with Ruth. Occasionally, we also like to sit at the Lenbrook entrance. There are always people coming and going. We sit together and greet people as they come in.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Right now when every day seems to be “Blurs-Day,” there are days when it is good to look at the world through heart-shaped glasses. Valentine’s Day is one of those days, and so this year we are embracing all the love and sweetness that this special day celebrates!

 Lenbrook Is for Lovers …